Social recruitment marketing is changing the way companies find, attract, engage and hire employees. Because of the efficiency programmatic offers in optimizing and measuring campaigns, it has become an essential tool for recruiters looking to get the most out of their digital recruitment dollars.

Topics Covered 

  • The Basics of Programmatic Marketing

  • How Recruiters Are Using Programmatic Marketing

  • How Programmatic Marketing Can Reduce Acquisition Costs

  • How Social Recruitment Marketing Will Help You Reach Prospects

  • How to Improve Conversion Rates With Programmatic Marketing

  • What the Future of Digital Marketing Will Look Like

  • Why You Must Include Programmatic in Your Recruiting Strategy

90% of Marketers Said Programmatic Campaigns Outperformed Other Digital Campaigns

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Let VIQTORY Be Your Recruiting Solution

VIQTORY is a programmatic recruitment marketing agency specializing in connecting companies with qualified military candidates. We have a proven track record of helping our clients utilize Facebook to find the candidates they need. We use first party data collected over 15 years in the military veteran recruitment space to help our clients achieve optimum results with their custom tailored Facebook campaigns.

While we specialize in military veteran recruiting, we also have the ability to attract candidates with non-military backgrounds.

Interested in learning more about using Facebook for recruiting and how it can help your company find those hard-to-reach candidates? Reach out now and see for yourself how VIQTORY is lowering acquisition costs.