Build Your Workforce With
Military Talent


What sets VIQTORY apart?

It's simple. Our Military brands and experience make all the difference.


G.I. Jobs has been a trusted resource of the military community for 21+ years. Service members look to each issue as they transition back into the civilian world searching for educational opportunities.

When it comes to both digital and print media, Military Spouse is the authoritative platform that military spouses flock to as a resource, and as a community. Highlight your school to this tightly-knit tribe of future students.


Our mission is to fortify the veteran business community and help military veterans transform their dreams of entrepreneurship into reality through the power of franchising. Theres a reason an estimated 1-7 franchises are veteran-owned...

Are Your Equipped to Win the War for Students?

Utilize the 21-year history of publications, advocacy, events, and most importantly, first-party data, to reach more military candidates. We’re where agency meets media. Our 360-degree digital channel capabilities allow you to reach your defined target audience anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 

Why Enroll From The Military?

The military community is one of the largest subsets of diverse talent available, and it’s a renewable talent source with 200,000+ service members transitioning back into the civilian workforce every year. Tap into this pool of qualified, experienced, eager talent. 

  • Stand Out From Your Competitors
  • Maintain a Steady Stream of Students in Your Pipeline
  • Expand Your Brand Awareness
  • Diversify Your Campus
  • Enroll Students With Access to Tuition Assistance
  • Highlight Your Commitment to the Military Community

Discover targeted, customizable solutions for your student enrollment initiatives and start reaching qualified prospects from the military community.

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