Nearly 17 years ago, VIQTORY’s co-founders celebrated the first day working at a new company with an exciting, new mission: to create vital, civilian-produced resources for the approximately 250,000 people leaving the military each year.  In doing so, they introduced military veterans to previously unknown civilian employment, entrepreneurship and education opportunities.

That mission has led to connecting thousands of veterans to opportunity over our history.

The founders of VIQTORY left the Navy in the late 1990s only to discover a lack of good resources to help them transition into civilian careers.

The government’s Transition Assistance (“TAP”) Program was around then, but limited in scope.

“It took nearly 11 months of plebe (freshman) year for the Navy to transform me into a midshipman. Tap class is going to turn me back into a civilian in 2 1/2 days? Right.”
– Chairman and Co-Founder Chris Hale


Our Founders

The Meaning Behind our Name

VIQTORY was founded in 2001 by three Navy veterans, who named it for its military focus and the “V” symbol for “Victory” that was popularized by the Greatest Generation of World War II veterans.

The name “Victory” by itself however, can easily be confused with beer, motorcyles and churches…brands which share the same name.  So the root word was modified.

The ‘IQ’ spelling indicates our use of smart data and technology to deliver measurable value to veterans and the civilian organizations providing opportunity to them.  Then we added a horizontal line, known as a vinculum, over ‘IQ’ in the logo to show that the two letters are to be connected and to symbolize VIQTORY’S role as the connective tissue between the military and civilian worlds.  The vinculum can be seen in many places throughout our website to emphasize key words.

16 Years of Creating Civilian Opportunity for the Military Community

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