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Cybersecurity Services

We provide an array of Cybersecurity and Risk Management practices that help assess, improve, and mature your Cybersecurity and Risk Management programs across the ever-changing threat landscape.

Cyber Risk

Understanding your organization’s risks against industry standards (e.g., ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, etc.) to help you identify gaps in your existing security architecture.

Cyber Security Program Assessment

By developing an assessment of Cyber security program’s current state based on industry standards (e.g. NIST Cyber security Framework), we can help you understand the gaps in your program and define a vision for the future.

Cyber Security Strategic Planning

Based on identified gaps, we can help you prioritize your efforts to mature your program towards a desired future state, including a Strategic Roadmap with short-, middle-, and long-term timelines.

Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

As an independent third party, we can help you evaluate your Cyber security environment. Using methods such as penetration testing and network monitoring, as well as evaluating your policies and procedures, to determine the effectiveness of the tools you have in place and which you may consider adding or replacing.


Understanding your security architecture in conjunction with your other architectures (e.g., data/information, application, business, etc.) can help you see the interactions and dependencies of the elements in your technology architecture.


Updating your disaster recovery and business continuity plans can help determine your resiliency. We can help your define/refine your approaches to crisis management and malware attacks such as ransomware. Having you updated incident response plans and playbook? We can help.


Working with software vendors such as Palo Alto Networks, we can help you meet your Cybersecurity software needs.

Security Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC)

Whether you utilize a traditional waterfall system development lifecycle or an Agile approach, we can help you identify and remediate your application architecture vulnerabilities.

Third-Party Risk Management

Understanding the pre- and post-contract phases of your third party relationships is a key component to relationships with third parties. We can help you understand the pre-award due diligence as well as develop and employ off-boarding activities including termination protocols and “lessons learned” documentation.

Cyber Security Implementation

With partners and staff who have worked for Big Four firms, we can help your cyber security project and program implementation needs. And we can provide cyber security resources to fit your staffing requirements.

Virtual CISO

On an interim or ongoing basis, we offer a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services to keep a program running or offer a different, unique perspective on your cyber security practices.

Training and Awareness

Keeping your staff continually aware of cyber security risks is more important than ever. Whether it is running a phishing campaign or a virtual or in-person training on social engineering attacks or data protection, we can help you improve your staff’s understanding of Cyber threats.

Key Past Performance

The VA – Developed a standard veteran record (data model and database). Advised on Capabilities Maturity Model-Implementation (CMMI).

Dept of State – Developed a Security Architecture, based on James Martin’s Information Engineering Methodology (IEM). Secret Clearance.

Executive Office of the President – Developed an application to manage travel-related trips, including cost/budget and participant information.

US Army – Developed an architecture for research grant proposal review and lifecycle management.


Cybersecurity Pillars

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