The world's largest furniture manufacturer drastically scales their veteran recruitment funnel using advanced recruitment targeting And virtual job fairs.


The Challenge

Ashley Furniture had over 5,000 openings. They needed people who could work in a fast-paced environment and have grit. When looking for a vendor, they wanted to make sure of 2 things. #1: is this vendor someone we would be proud to work with? #2: will this vendor provide positive value to our organization? Before partnering with us, Ashley Furniture hired a lot of veterans and had done some veteran advertising, but they hadn’t advertised how veteran-friendly they are. They wanted to raise brand awareness about their open positions and drive lead generation from the veteran community. That’s where VIQTORY could drive success!

Ashley Furniture





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Veterans took immediate action


1:1 Veteran and Military Spouse Chats


VIQTORY’s rich first-party data set, incorporating survey results, lookalike audiences, data overlays, predictive models built by their in-house data scientists and digital strategists helps their clients reach millions of potentially interested U.S. veterans and military spouses. Besides our proprietary data, our world class team of client success managers and strategists helped Ashley Furniture increase their productivity with the leads. 

Ashley Furniture was seeing the leads, but they needed help with organizing their data to increase their productivity. We listened and built a system to help them decrease the first-touch after a lead submits their form leading to a better experience for veterans and their results. 


VIQTORY developed a refined, but rapid approach to campaign execution. First, VIQTORY helped Ashley Furniture define who their target audience was through an audience discovery call. Numerous military-centric audience segments were considered such as age, military jobs, education, location, skillsets and behavior. Once a customized audience was identified, VIQTORY moved to market messaging.

More than 20 years of publishing, advertising and engagement, combined with first-party data, provide VIQTORY clients with deep insights into the needs, interests and behavior of the veteran community that Ashley Furniture leveraged. VIQTORY helped Ashley Furniture reach veterans seeking IT, operations, leadership, engineering, and more opportunities with a strong message-to-market match and first-party data targeting, and audience lookalikes.

We met with Ashley Furniture bi-weekly to review the results and discuss optimizations. We analyzed the campaign’s performance on paid social and Google Ads. Sam Catron, the Executive Recruiter, shared his experience with the partnership after a full year saying “We’ve met some amazing prospective employees and have seen a large boost in interaction with veteran hiring. The weekly and bi-weekly meetings with the team provide value to us as an organization and there’s always a willingness to help us achieve our goals.”



Ashley Furniture had a robust campaign that included the Virtual Job Fairs where they had a virtual booth and could talk one on one with veterans and military spouses interested in their transition. In the job fair, recruiters are able to quickly identify the veterans skillsets and move them onto the next round of their hiring process. 

Ashley Furniture has had over 200 chats in the last year. Many of those candidates moved onto the interview process and several of them received offer letters. Caltron said, “the Virtual Career Events have resulted in a higher concentration of quality candidates that turn into prospective employees. These candidates are engaging and actively seeking roles and being able to speak directly 1-on-1 with them allows us to get to the heart of their desires quicker.

The G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair started in 2020, and it’s continued to grow and help employers have real conversations with quality candidates each month.


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