Navy Mutual Generates a 16% Increase in New Memberships After Running Nationwide Campaign With Military Spouse!


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Navy Mutual provides affordable life insurance and annuities to active duty and veterans. Recognizing Military Spouses as the “influencer,” Navy Mutual needed a way to reach spouses where they are most active online and on their devices, and to do it at scale. That’s why they called on VIQTORY and The Military publishing network!


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Founded in 2001 by Navy veterans, VIQTORY established itself as the go-to resource for military transitioning to civilian education and employment. Since then, VIQTORY has built itself into a trusted leader in military spouse and veteran education recruitment, with unprecedented data-based insight into veteran and military spouse interests, skills and education-seeking behaviors.

VIQTORY’s rich data set, incorporates survey results, publicly available data, and predictive models built by in-house data scientists. Strong data insights combined with managed programmatic advertising, layered over an 18-year publishing record with brand-safe assets, helps clients reach millions of U.S. veterans and military spouses.


First-party data enables VIQTORY to precision-focus on the audiences who matter most to their clients. First, VIQTORY helped Navy Mutual define who their target audience was through an audience discovery call. Numerous military-centric audience segments were considered, such as age, branch of military, rank, education, location, skill sets, and behavior.

Once a customized audience was identified, VIQTORY moved to market messaging. More than 18 years of publishing, advertising, and engagement, combined with first-party data, provides VIQTORY’S clients with deep insights into the needs, interests, and behaviors of the veteran community, which Navy Mutual leveraged. VIQTORY’S campaign teams, customer success teams, and strategists took a hands-on approach, meeting every 30 days to optimize the campaign.



Military Spouse® is a monthly full-color magazine and online community that addresses the unique needs and interests of the almost one million military spouses. Articles cover topics spanning deployment issues, consumer products, moving duty stations, career tips, celebrity interviews, relationship building, budgeting and family planning.

Combining print branding and digital content helped build brand awareness within the military community. This omni-channel approach puts the Navy Mutual brand at the front and center of the military community.


Print + DigiMag: Military Spouse Magazine


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