Signal 88 Programmatic Case Study


VIQTORY Reduced Signal 88’s Veterans Cost-Per-Lead by 65.8% in 60 days By Deploying An Advanced Digital Managed Programmatic Campaign!



  • Engage veterans interested in franchising & entrepreneurship
  • Increase display ad CTRs above industry average
  • Build a targeted campaign to produce a lower cost per lead


  • Leverage VIQTORY’s First-Party Data audience, lookalike and personas through an “Advanced Targeting Campaign” using Managed Programmatic Marketing
  • Create cross-platform social targeting and a lead  acquisition funnel for tracking and remarketing entrepreneurship/ franchise opportunities


  • Increased Display Ad CTR by 1900% above industry display average
  • Reduced Signal 88’s cost per lead by 65.8%
  • Delivered 872 Veterans in 60 days interested in franchising to Signal 88’s landing-page


Signal 88 Security is one of the nation’s leading security franchises for residential, commercial, retail and institutional customers. Built on the principle that safety is a basic human right and need, Signal 88 recognized that Military veterans were a perfect fit for the security franchise model. Internal recruiting efforts for attracting veterans left them with a high cost per lead and limited reach in the military community- That’s where VIQTORY Came in to help!


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Above Industry Average Click-Through Rate

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Reduction in Signal 88's Cost-Per-Lead


Veterans in 60 days interested in franchising to Signal 88's landing page


Founded in 2001 by Navy veterans, VIQTORY established itself as the go-to resource for military transitioning into employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. Since then, VIQTORY has built itself into a trusted leader in the military veteran recruitment, with unprecedented data-based insights into veteran interests, skills and entrepreneurship behaviors. VIQTORY’s rich first-party data set, incorporating survey results, lookalike audiences, data overlays, predictive models built by their in-house data scientists and digital strategists helps their clients reach millions of potentially interested U.S. veterans and military spouses.


First-party data enables VIQTORY to focus with great precision on the audiences that matter most to their clients. But limitations of data-matching technology can create a gap between desired reach and available online targets. Additionally, given the importance of identifying veterans interested in entrepreneurship and franchising as rapidly as possible, VIQTORY has developed a refined, but rapid approach to campaign execution.

First, VIQTORY helped Signal 88 define who their target audience was through an audience discovery call. Numerous military-centric audience segments were considered such as age, branch of military, rank, education, location, skillsets and behavior. Once a customized audience was identified, VIQTORY moved to market messaging.

More than 15 years of publishing, advertising and engagement, combined with first-party data, provide VIQTORY clients with deep insights into the needs, interests and behavior of the veteran community that Signal 88 leveraged. VIQTORY helped Signal 88 reach veterans seeking franchise and business opportunities with a strong message-to-market match and first-party data targeting, and audience lookalikes.

While many clients often bring their own creative, VIQTORY’s internal creative team has 40 combined years of military- and veteran-specific design experience, which is critical to a successful campaign that hinges on delivering the right message at the right time to the right audience segment. To ensure campaigns stay up to date, VIQTORY constantly swaps out creatives and makes changes on the go.

Reach More Qualified Franchisees

Signal 88 leveraged VIQTORY’s First-Party Data audience, lookalike and personas through an “Advanced Targeting Campaign” using Managed Programmatic Marketing. VIQTORY created cross-platform social targeting and a lead acquisition funnel for tracking and remarketing entrepreneurship/ franchise opportunities.

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