Vinnell Arabia Case Study

Vinnell Arabia, a defense contractor, fills mission-critical positions at scale, cost, and speed without going to job fairs, posting on job boards, paying recruitment fees, or networking on LinkedIn!




  • Generate a large amount of activity from veterans interested in overseas contracting
  • Increase Vinnell Arabia brand awareness on Social Media to capture passive veteran job seekers
  • Generate qualified applicants for overseas contracting positions


  • Leverage VIQTORY’s first-party military data audience, lookalike and personas through an advanced social media recruitment programmatic targeting campaign
  • Create cross-platform social targeting and a lead acquisition funnel for tracking and remarketing opportunities
  • Increase veteran talent pipeline with new candidates not yet familiar with Vinnell Arabia


  • 500,000 targeted impressions delivered using first-party data across our social-sphere targeting passive, yet skilled, veterans
  • 4.37 CTR(all), 477% above industry average
  • 10,416 people taking action 22,000+ clicks
  • 181 Job applications


Vinnell Arabia, a client of VIQTORY since 2014, is the leader in U.S. military doctrine-based training, logistics, and support services inside Saudi Arabia. Vinnell Arabia’s expertise in designing, developing and executing training systems is only achieved by highly qualified former U.S. military and other U.S. government agency personnel. Vinnell Arabia missions depend on a constant stream of ex-military personal to fill year long contracts. VIQTORY has consistently delivered a high-volume of in-demand and skilled ex-military workforce pipeline!



New Job

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Targeted Impressions

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Veterans Taking


VIQTORY’s rich first-party data set, lookalike social users, lookalike audiences, data overlays, and predictive models built by their in-house data scientists helps their clients reach millions of potentially interested U.S. veterans and military spouses.


VIQTORY developed a refined, but rapid approach to campaign execution. First, VIQTORY helped Vinnell Arabia define who their target audience was through an audience discovery call. Numerous military-centric audience segments were considered such as age, branch of military, rank, education, location, skillsets and behavior.

Once a customized audience was identified, VIQTORY moved to market messaging. More than 15 years of publishing, advertising and engagement, combined with first-party data, provide VIQTORY clients with deep insights into the needs, interests and behavior of the veteran community that Vinnell Arabia leveraged. VIQTORY helped Vinnell Arabia reach veterans seeking overseas contracting with a strong message-to-market match and first-party data.

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