A well-recognized Division 1 (NCAA) University scored big by exceeding military spouse enrollment by 175% using laser-targeted programmatic marketing.
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Understanding the challenges military spouses face in managing their career and education within the military lifestyle, a well-recognized Division 1 University desired to extend its program offering to the military spouse community by designing new flexibility and unique structures into their program that would highly benefit the transient realities of military life. Recognizing their lack of experience recruiting and targeting the military spouse demographic, the school sought experts at targeting and building campaigns focused on niches within the military community.


Engage Military Spouses

Engage military spouses seeking online degree programs with precise targeting

Brand Awareness

Gain brand awareness and trust within the military spouse community

Attract Prospects

Create a pipeline of military spouse prospects interested in pursuing an education

Increase CTRs

See an above industry average click-through rate for display network ads

Convert Leads

Convert military spouse leads to actual enrolled students

Lead Gen Funnel

Build a proper lead generation funnel with a measurable ROI

The NCAA Division 1 University had previously worked with branding components of VIQTORY’s extensive publication audience, and were intrigued by extending their partnership to include the design and execution of an end-to-end Managed Programmatic Advertising campaign to target the Military Spouse audience.

Given the short time-frame for program enrollment and recognizing VIQTORY’s decades of experience in military audience engagement, the University was rapidly able to authorize VIQTORY to develop the digital assets, messaging, and creative materials to be used throughout the Managed Programmatic Ad campaign.

A specific goal for the campaign identified was developing greater internal understanding of the core marketing KPIs such as current ad effectiveness, CTR, conversion rates, and how to build a proper lead generation funnel with a measurable ROI. VIQTORY’s expert and knowledgeable team provided ongoing high-touch support and education to improve the university’s internal capacities, which lead to gains in overall marketing effectiveness.


Founded in 2001 by Navy veterans, VIQTORY established itself as the go-to resource for military transitioning to civilian education and employment. Since then, VIQTORY has built itself into a trusted leader in military spouse and veteran education recruitment, with unprecedented data-based insight into veteran and military spouse interests, skills and education-seeking behaviors.

VIQTORY’s rich data set, incorporates survey results, publicly available data, and predictive models built by their in-house data scientists. Strong data insights combined to great effect with managed programmatic advertising layered over a 15 year publishing record with brand safe assets, helps clients reach millions of U.S. veterans and military spouses


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Increased click-through rate (CTR) and leads over industry average within 30 days.

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Increased Landing Page Conversions

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Surpassed Military Spouse Enrollment Goal


First-party data enables VIQTORY to focus with great precision on the audiences that matter most to their clients. But limitations of data-matching technology can create a gap between desired reach and available online targets.

VIQTORY works closely with partners to develop a strong message-to-market match with custom designed digital assets like banners, landing pages and unique content. While many clients often bring their own creative, VIQTORY’s internal creative team has 40 combined years of military- and veteran-specific design experience, which is critical to a successful campaign that hinges on delivering the right message at the right time to the right audience segment.

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