Smarter Staffing Solutions For Your Manufacturing Positions

The Military produces cream of the crop Engineering and Logistics Professionals. Here are the fields we can help you find candidates for:

  • Engineering – Applications, quality assurance, maintenance, and project management
  • Operations Management – Logistics, distribution and transportation
  • Manufacturing – Production supervision and management
  • Telecommunications – Networks, voice, data, wireless and satellite

Former military personnel have expertise in planning, managing, and controlling the physical distribution of materials, products, and people, as well as operating transportation and distribution facilities such as ports, terminals, warehouses, and other facilities.

Leveraging our specialized staffing solutions and a network of exceptional candidates, we empower businesses to optimize their talent acquisition procedures. Our approach minimizes the resources needed for attracting, interviewing, and securing top-tier talent, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring process.

Certifications & Contract Vehicles

The IQ Difference

  • Rich Database: Access to over 20,000 cleared military veteran job seekers.
  • Tailored Sourcing: Targeted recruitment from specific military installations to find candidates with precise skills and clearances.
  • Exclusive Access: Directly reach cleared candidates meeting your contract requirements.
  • Swift Sourcing: Rapid turnaround to deliver the best candidates promptly.

We Specialize in Finding:

  • Skilled Technicians
  • Operations Specialists
  • Engineers
  • Candidates With Security Clearances
  • Logistics Professionals


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