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If you’re looking to source high quality candidates, increase college enrollments and reduce your overall cost per acquisition your cost per hire,  a military marketing solution may be for you.  We connect your employment, branding and educational opportunities to:  Active Duty | Veterans | Military Spouses using smart technologies that deliver high performing results.

America has a talent problem, in fact, according to the 2017 Recruiter Nation Report, 89% of recruiters think it will get more competitive. We’ll help you gain the competitive edge utilizing our O.O.D.A. process across our Military Network.

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Smart Talent Acquisition

If job boards and staffing agencies are your primary sourcing channels, then you are likely missing out on the top sources that best-in-class organizations are using to find talent today. Studies show that these channels account for 49% of sourcing spend, but they only yield 35% of your applicants. Whether you are just starting out or are already a finely-tuned sourcing and nurturing machine, VIQTORY can augment your efforts.

  • Data Driven Gain the competitive edge through our 1st party, Military Network.

  • Results Oriented Our approach is holistic, targeted, measurable and high-performing.

  • Research Led We’ll partner with your TA and marketing teams. identify your optimal military candidate profile to hone your employment message in all media types, from print and digital to video and social.

Candidates are more informed and have more choices, it’s a new recruiting world.  Our approach transcends traditional recruitment efforts such as job board listings, networking groups and boots on the ground efforts.  We deploy your media and job openings programmatically  (intelligent targeting) based on candidates datasets, personas, attributes, affinity categories and behavior delivering highly targeted, dynamic 360 degree experiences. 

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Consumer Marketing to the Military

Each day, military spouses and their families support one of our country’s most valued assets: our military service members and veterans. They are also some of today’s most influential buyers of household products and services. Since 2004, the Military Spouse brand has offered a powerful media solution for companies, employers and educators to reach 1.1 million military spouses and their families at tightly defined, critical life stages when families tend to over-consume in certain categories:

Relocation- Military spouses move every 2-3 years. Military families spend on moving services, home purchases, furnishings, improvements and appliances.

Weddings- There are an estimated 200,000 military weddings annually. At an average cost of $35,000 per wedding, that’s a $7 billion annual industry.

Vacation, Travel and Entertainment-  Military families get 4-6 weeks of vacation annually. Because military families are stationed across the United States and the world, many families use that time to visit loved ones and relatives. Most costs include airfare, hotels, automobile purchases or car rentals.

Family Growth- Raising children is a rewarding journey, with opportunities to purchase food, clothing, childcare and education each step of the way. Over 42,000 Active Duty members welcomed their first child in 2012 alone, and, on average, had two children.

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Maximize Your Enrollment Marketing ROI

Many service members and their families are seeking formal education to hone their skills and make them even more attractive to civilian employers. They bring worldly perspective and mature leadership to a college classroom mostly filled with teenagers.

  • Targeted Accelerate your student enrollment within the military community  with highly performing, personalized, cross-channel campaigns. We’ll scale to your needs, on demand with our Programmatic marketing solutions to include targeting specific to the degree types you’re seeking to enroll students into.

If you are a school with good intentions and a track record for creating positive educational outcomes for student veterans, we’ll partner with your marketing teams to hone your military marketing message in all media types, from print and digital to video and social.

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We are a best in class Military Network that can deliver  comprehensive, scalable and flexible recruitment marketing solutions.

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