3 More Marketing Trends For 2021

People are always on the lookout for the latest trends in marketing because as we know, those trends are always changing. Well, look no further. We’re bringing them to you with 3 More Recruitment Trends For 2021.

Decreased Operating Budgets

Going into 2021, countless businesses will still be trying to navigate this new landscape left in the wake of the coronavirus. A survey published by LinkedIn revealed that 42% of Marketers said that budget cuts have presented a significant challenge.

Yes, the challenge is a significant one, and the solution is easier said than done… Get the most out of your limited budget. That means getting your marketing content in front of the exact demographic in the exact location(s) you are looking for. Implementing advanced targeting technologies will allow you to get granular with your targeting, which, in turn, will help stretch your budget and get you the ROI you’re looking for. Learn more about advanced targeting options and make sure to check out our limited-time special pricing offers. Get the most out of your limited marketing budget.  

Increased Personalization

When crafting your messaging it’s important to remember that people don’t want to feel like just a number. If you’re sending a marketing email out to 500 people, the recipients shouldn’t be able to ascertain that. Chances are, if your emails look like stereotypical marketing emails, people aren’t even going to open them. That’s why you want to personalize your message to the individual reading it.

That doesn’t mean you handcraft an email for each of those 300 individuals on your list, but segment your lists so that the messaging is personalized to everyone on the list. This isn’t just for email marketing but marketing across all avenues. Make sure that your messaging aligns with your target demographic, ensuring that your marketing materials are getting put in front of the correct people so that you can fill your empty seats and help your bottom line. 


E-Commerce is a commercial transaction that takes place over the internet. Simply put, when you make a purchase online as opposed to at a store or over the phone with a sales representative, that is E-Commerce. Over the last few years, we have already seen a shift in buyer tendencies from purchasing at brick and mortar locations to making online transactions and the reason is simple – it’s easier. Things have continued to shift drastically as we face the new realities of the COVID pandemic.

Brick and mortar businesses were hit hard and many will never recover, closing their doors for the last time. At the same time, consumers have gotten used to stay-at-home mandates and have adjusted by getting everything they need delivered right to their homes. Companies of every size are starting to offer the ability to transact online and you can plan to see the world of E-commerce continue to grow and expand as we move into the new year. 

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