A Solution To The Skilled Labor Shortage

Recent employment numbers show that of the 22 million jobs lost due to the Coronavirus pandemic, just over half have been recovered, still leaving millions of Americans out of work and seeking employment. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are tons of open positions out there and employers are struggling to fill them. The problem isn’t that there aren’t jobs, it’s that many of these vacant opportunities are ones that require hands-on work, a lot of which is manual-labor that many people don’t want to do when so many of us are working remotely. 

The realization that these skilled trade positions are proving hard to fill is a hard pill to swallow for employers. The fact is that everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to COVID-19. Many among us aren’t ready to work alongside numerous other people every day, therefore, people are holding out for remote opportunities. 

The issue with this, beyond the simple fact that these jobs need to get done, is that, according to a study from ZipRecruiter, only 1-10 job postings on the website offer remote work, making those positions much more scarce than people realize. Now that we have our key pain-point identified, what’s the solution?

Define and find your target audience

Before your marketing team starts sending out messaging to your audience, make sure you’ve identified your ideal candidate archetype, which in this case is skilled laborers, and mold your messaging around them. 

We’ve already established that these jobs are out there and people seem to simply not want them. Some of that can be attributed to COVID, and some of it is the simple fact that many people don’t want to put in hard days work if that means working with their hands, or they lack the necessary skills and training. That’s why it’s all the more important to go after individuals who know the real meaning of a hard day’s work and have the skills needed: members of the military community. 

When hiring transitioning veterans, you don’t just know that you’re getting employees who are willing and able to do these tough jobs that others won’t or can’t, but many of their military backgrounds include experience and certifications that align with the job descriptions for many of these vacant positions across the skilled labor sector.

One problem a lot of organizations run into, even after deciding what their ideal candidate looks like, is that they don’t have their own first-party-data and they don’t know how to find these individuals. Luckily, at VIQTORY, we have almost 2 decades worth of first-party-data and an extensive audience within the military community. 

With our audience size and recorded data, we’re able to segment that audience and target the very skilled-laborers you’re looking for. We also have our own proprietary DSP that allows us to serve digital ads to the screens of those potential candidates and retarget those who show interest. We offer a number of other ways to ensure your message is getting in front of the right people at the right time. 

Let Veterans and Military Spouses Looking For Work Come to you

For many smaller organizations, along with the numerous large ones that are operating on limited marketing budgets, there simply isn’t the money to spend on full-fledged programmatic marketing campaigns, even if the process is tried and true. 

Other companies are stubborn when they see the number of people out of work and think their open positions will somehow magically fill themselves. No matter what the reason is, we have another solution… let the candidates come to you. 

While there’s no magic involved, there may as well be. 

What if we told you that you can meet with 4 potential job candidates in a matter of 2 hours without ever leaving your house? At the G.I. Jobs Virtual Career Expos, we help you do just that. Sign-up and booth registration only takes minutes and during the 4-hour event on March 24th and get access to hundreds of candidates from the military community who are actively seeking employment and engage with them via one-on-one text/video chats.

 Keep an eye out for industry-specific events coming up like our March 24th, event which will be Skilled Labor specific. Click here if you’d like more information regarding our targeted advertising solutions and/or our Virtual Career Expos!

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