Advanced Targeting in Non-Traditional Student Recruitment

Join us in this on-demand panel discussion recording as we review the basics of Advanced Targeting in Student Enrollment Marketing Campaigns. We will discuss how these tactics can be applied to further your school’s reach within the military community to attract non-traditional students.

We cover topics such as Managed Programmatic Control & Campaign Multivariate Optimization, Platforms and Targeting Tactics, and Best Practices Guidelines & Veteran Marketing Expert Recommendations.

Ready to Reach the Right Audience?

Download our Media Kit and learn how we help agencies, companies, schools and brands accelerate their recruiting, enrollment, and growth goals using our first party data across 3 trusted brands – G.I.Jobs®, Military Spouse® and Military Friendly®. Using smart technology, we are able to deploy targeted campaigns that deliver the results you need.

Our flexible plans and cost-effective solutions help you attract and engage your desired audience in the least amount of time.

We’re ready to discuss your hiring, educational recruitment, or consumer advertising strategies to see where we may be able to help!

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