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Companies and organizations across the country have had trouble recruiting quality talent throughout their continued efforts to recover from the COVID19 pandemic, and the Aerospace & Defense sector is no exception. A survey by McKinsey revealed that A&D companies are facing many challenges in recruiting and retaining talent, specifically digital talent. Between Tech companies snatching up the majority of the already limited IT talent, reduced marketing budgets because of COVID, an already competitive space, it’s time to think outside the box and reimagine your marketing efforts.

Don't Cast A Wide Net, Build Your Own Pond

One of the main issues recruiters run into when crafting their marketing strategies is they go after the entire market instead of focusing on a specific audience. In other words, you’re putting your message in front of a lot of the wrong people which, simply put, is a huge waste of money.

 “Building your own pond,” may seem like a ton of work, but you’re in luck. At VIQTORY, we’ve been collecting our own first-party-data for almost 20 years and have used it to build our own audience, which includes the more than 200,000 veterans that transition out of the military every year, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of military spouses in our network. 

When we say “think outside the box,” we don’t only mean the methods in which companies market themselves, but also that when many companies are looking to hire IT professionals, the military isn’t always the first place they look. But why not? It’s filled with highly trained, motivated, disciplined, and qualified individuals eager to start their civilian careers and there are plenty of IT professionals and digital talent spread across our country’s military. 

You can find hundreds of those transitioners, resumes “in-hand,” at any of the G.I. Jobs Virtual Career Expos. The good news for Aerospace & Defense companies is that over our past few events, over 60% of event attendees have come from an IT background and are seeking similar employment opportunities. We’d be happy to set up a call and help plan out a recruitment strategy or talk about our other advanced targeting tactics. 

Remote Work

Diversity and inclusion have been a hot topic as of late. Between companies putting in place D&I hiring initiatives, and others finally coming to the realization that a diverse workforce massively benefits an organization, this should come as no surprise. What you may not have realized is that it doesn’t get much more diverse than the military community. 

Webster’s dictionary defines diversity as, “the condition of having or being composed of differing elements.” Our military community is not only composed of individuals of different races, faiths, orientations, etc, but these candidates transition out of the service with life experiences that only the military can give you. Discipline, hard work, routine, and following orders become second-nature making for not only an ideal hire but adding a new element to your Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

If you’d like to learn more about our digital advertising solutions, click the link below and check out the VIQTORY Command Platform and see how you can advance your marketing strategies and target your ideal audience. 

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