Employee Spotlight – Audrey Liberati

VIQTORY was founded by 3 Navy Veterans in 2001 and our overarching goal has remained the same ever since: to connect the military community with civilian opportunities. Whether that be joining the civilian workforce or exploring educational and entrepreneurial opportunities, we’re proud to say that we have been doing just that for almost two decades. We pride ourselves on our company culture and believe that its strength is rooted in and reflected by the quality of talent we employ. 

For this Employee Spotlight, we’re taking a look at our Client Success Coordinator, Audrey Liberati. 

If you’ve done business with VIQTORY in the past few years, there’s a good chance you’ve interacted with Audrey before. As our Client Success Coordinator, Audrey works in the post-sales process. What this means, is once you come on board as a client, chances are Audrey will be your point of contact. Working in Client Success means working with many different departments, from Sales and Ad-Operations to our Audience team on the other side of the house, all to ensure that our client products are fulfilled in a timely manner. 

Before joining the VIQTORY team, Audrey balanced her time between the classroom and the lacrosse field at Messiah University where she earned her degree in Sport Management. After finishing her degree, she was accepted into the Pittsburgh Fellows program, a post-graduate fellowship program here in Pittsburgh that focuses on professional development, grooming those accepted to be business leaders in the Pittsburgh area. 

This fellowship is actually what brought Audrey to VIQTORY, where she came on as a Digital Marketing Assistant and intern with the organization for 9 months. She made a quick impact and helped raise our CS team to a new level, which led to her accepting a full-time position with VIQTORY upon the completion of her fellowship. 

I asked Audrey what her typical workday looks like and her answer was no surprise, a lot of internal and external communication and collaboration. When asked what she enjoyed about working at VIQTORY, again, no surprise. “The people for sure. Everyone at VIQTORY looks at our work here as a team effort and you know that they have your back. We win together and we lose together. I’ve been on a team almost my entire life, and so I love continuing that here at VIQTORY.” I can speak for the rest of us when I say that having Audrey on board is a big team win. 

She went on to point out the wealth of knowledge that she’s gained through this constant collaboration and team-first mentality, “Whether it be a soft skill like learning to communicate more efficiently, or hard a skill like understanding the inner-workings of our marketing/advertising technology, we’re constantly learning” I think it’s safe to say that her intellectual curiosities paired with her willingness and ability to learn on the fly have helped to propel her career and position her as a leader, and subject matter expert within our organization. 

When she’s not in the office, you can bet that she’s outside…if the weather is nice. “ I feel like I hibernate in the winter. When the weather is warm in Pittsburgh, I like to spend a lot of time outside sitting on my porch with my roommate admiring our porch plants, roasting s’mores in my backyard, riding bikes, and going on walks/hikes.”

When I asked Audrey what advice she would give to someone just starting out their professional career, the answer was insightful. “ I’ve learned along the way that where you start is not where you’ll end up. Even if the first job you get doesn’t feel like what you should be doing with your life, stick with it. There’s still a lot to learn and you will probably learn things that will better prepare you for where you want to go.” Wise word from a young professional on the rise. 

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