Employee Spotlight – Greg Hough

VIQTORY was founded by 3 Navy Veterans in 2001 and our overarching goal has remained the same ever since: to connect the military community with civilian opportunities. Whether that be joining the civilian workforce or exploring educational and entrepreneurial opportunities, we’re proud to say that we have been doing just that for almost two decades. We pride ourselves on our company culture and believe that its strength is rooted in and reflected by the quality of talent we employ. 

For this Employee Spotlight, we’re taking a look at our Senior Account Manager, Greg Hough. 

Greg joined the VIQTORY team almost 4 years ago and quickly became a leader within the organization. His primary role is to maintain and grow our current customer base through our integrated recruitment marketing platforms. As we know, marketing campaigns aren’t one-size-fits-all, so Greg is no stranger to building relationships and working together to build custom campaigns that fit a client’s individual needs.  In addition, Greg is also responsible for new business development.  

Greg’s professional background prior to VIQTORY not only makes him a great fit for our Sales Department, but it makes him a great fit for our company culture. Greg served in the United States Marine Corps for 6 years, where he served two combat tours in Iraq and worked as a Motor Vehicle Operator for Third Battalion 5th Marine Regiment out of Camp Pendleton, CA. Greg is the perfect example of how military service prepares people for the civilian workforce.  Teaching the value of discipline, teamwork, leadership, and mission accomplishment are just a few of the many ways the United States Military prepares these individuals for the civilian workforce. 

After the service, Greg spent 8 Years in the world of Higher Education as a Director of Academics and Admissions prior to joining our team. When I asked him what attracted him to VIQTORY, his answer was simple, “It was the company’s military roots along with the fact that this position allows me to continue to serve in a different capacity.” He also pointed out the fact that no two days are the same in his role. “I get the ability to work with some of the greatest schools and companies in the world and help them attract top military, veteran, and spouse talent.” 

Greg went on to mention how much VIQTORY has changed in his time here. “We’ve evolved our brand offerings to include very targeted digital solutions for our partners and we’ve done so without sacrificing the quality or the availability of our content-based legacy products.  I have also really enjoyed the B2B side of business development.  My role allows me to connect with all different types of people, from media buyers to CEOs, every day is unique.”

Transitioning out of the military and joining the civilian workforce can be a daunting task. Many individuals don’t even know where to start. I asked Greg what advice he would give to his younger self when transitioning, and his answer was insightful. “Don’t wait to prepare until you’re ready to exit.  Start as soon as possible and consider how your skills and responsibilities will translate into the civilian world.” The sad truth is that a lot of employers simply don’t know how to translate a military resume. Make sure you articulate your role and help translate the tangible skills you’ve acquired during your service. 

He went on to give some really solid advice for individuals just starting out their professional careers. “Choose a mentor even if it’s casual in nature.  Someone who you can turn to and ask for advice along the way.  Start looking at positions and opportunities that strike your interest and begin to prepare for your next move.  Always be willing to grow and learn to never get complacent.”

A graduate of Robert Morris University with a BS in Organizational Studies and MS in Instructional Leadership, Greg has sunk his roots locally here in the Mt. Lebanon area of Pittsburgh, PA. If you ever feel like having a spirited debate about anything related to the Pittsburgh Steelers or Penguins, Greg has opinions and the stats to back them up. A family man, you’ll find him on the sidelines of his kid’s sporting events, where he coaches their football, baseball, and softball teams. When he gets a weekend with no games on the schedule, chances are Greg is doing something outdoors. Hunting, hiking, biking, fishing, camping, and the list goes on. 

As mentioned earlier, Greg has moved up the ranks in his time with VIQTORY, has become a leader within our organization, and has been a pleasure to work with. As I’ve heard him say many times, “Marines lead from the front.”

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