Leveraging Programmatic Advertising To Reach Top-Tier Military Talent

In the modern job market, it’s more important than ever for companies to stand out and effectively connect with top talent. One powerful tool for doing so is programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising uses data and technology to target specific audiences and deliver marketing messages directly to them. This allows companies to reach the right candidates at the right time, with highly personalized and relevant messaging. In a crowded job market, this can be a game-changer for employee recruitment.

According to Statista, by 2026, 86% of overall digital advertising revenue will come from programmatic ads. 

For companies looking to recruit members of the military community, programmatic advertising can be especially valuable. The military community is a highly-skilled, motivated, and diverse group of individuals who bring unique skills and experiences to the workplace. By using programmatic advertising to target military job seekers, companies can effectively reach and engage this underutilized talent pool.

VIQTORY’s campaigns are fueled by over 20 years of first-party audience data that allows us to accurately target veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses based on your hiring needs.

So how does it work?

Programmatic advertising uses data and technology to automate the buying and selling of advertising space. It works by gathering data on users’ online behaviors, such as browsing history and search queries, to understand their interests and preferences. This data is then used to target specific audiences with relevant ads.

There are many benefits to using programmatic advertising for employee recruitment. For one, it allows companies to create custom audiences and digitally target their ideal hiring personas. This means that they can reach the right candidates with the right message, rather than wasting time and resources on less qualified candidates.

Programmatic advertising also allows companies to choose the channels, platforms, and formats that are most likely to reach and engage their target audience.

Too sum things up, programmatic advertising is a powerful tool for employee recruitment, particularly when it comes to reaching and engaging the military community. By leveraging data and technology to target specific audiences, our partners can deliver personalized and relevant messaging, cut down on time-to-hire, and diversify their workforce with qualified candidates.

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