Reaching Military Spouses Eligible for the MyCAA Scholarship

Are you effectively marketing your institution’s participation in the Military Spouse Education & Training Opportunities program’s My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) Scholarship?

What is MyCAA?

The My Career Advancement Account Scholarship, or MyCAA, is one of many resources the Department of Defense offers to help military spouses cultivate rewarding careers. Administered through the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program, MyCAA provides up to $4,000 of financial assistance for military spouses who are pursuing advanced training in portable career fields. 

Military Spouses Have Lots of Options

Military spouses have lots of options on how they want to apply their MyCAA scholarship money. But are they aware that your organization participates?

MyCAA scholarship money can go toward licensing, certification, or an associate degree in a portable career field. Military spouses can choose from more than 170 approved career tracks at 2,500+ institutions, or they can talk to a SECO career coach to get another program approved.

There are plenty of options available to the military spouse community – everything from nursing and K-12 teaching to photography, web development, and medical billing. Whether looking to spin their current career into something portable or begin a new pursuit, they can use MyCAA funds to support their goals. The question is, are they finding your organization?

They Have On-Call Support from the DoD

Military life means frequent moves, and the Department of Defense is committed to helping military spouses find fulfilling work that moves with them. The Department of Defense employs SECO career coaches to help military spouses plan a career path and secure MyCAA funding. They can also help write resumes, sharpen interview skills, or launch a business. They can call a SECO career coach for military-grade support that follows them everywhere their family is stationed. This is a big investment from the Department of Defense to help military families. It’s important to make military spouses are aware of your organization’s participation.

They Have to Act While Eligible

Military spouse eligibility is limited. If they’re eligible now, don’t wait to reach them. Eligible spouses are married to active duty service members, or reservists and National Guard on Title 10 orders; ranks E-1 to E-5, W-1 to W-2 and O-1 to O-2. 

“I appreciate the college opportunity offered to me as a spouse of an enlisted soldier and I wish more spouses knew about and took advantage of the MyCAA program.” – Jenn Richardson, Army Spouse

Promote Your Military Tuition Assistance Programs

Our Military Spouse network gives you access to hundreds of thousands of spouses and military families. We can help promote your participation in the Spouse Education & Training Opportunities program’s MyCAA Scholarship to an unrivaled reach of over 22 million veterans, active duty, military spouses, and military families.

Accelerate your military spouse student applications with high performing, personalized, cross-channel campaigns. We’ll scale our programmatic marketing solutions to include targeting specific to the degree programs you’re seeking to enroll students in.

How To Reach More Military Spouses

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