The Spooky Way VIQTORY Delivers the Candidates You Are Looking for

You’re sitting around the table chatting with your friends about this amazing air fryer you’ve been using for the BEST chicken wings you’ve ever made. You open your phone, and out of the blue there’s an ad for that exact Air Fryer on your Facebook page. We’ve all been there. 

We’re all a bit spooked by the targeting that advertising can do. That’s why there are more and more privacy blocks that users can take. But, we’re here to tell you that Programmatic Advertising is not so spooky. 

Let’s debunk the myths so we can help you reach your target audience!

1. What Is Programmatic Advertising? 

Some of you are really familiar with programmatic ads. To put it simply, programmatic advertising uses software to buy digital ad space. With programmatic, you can efficiently optimize and accelerate your military recruitment program. At VIQTORY we use advanced targeting capabilities to reach the military community. We can help you find veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses looking for opportunities for their next career, a new degree field, business ownership, and even purchasing new products.   

We reach the community where they are – Social Media Platforms, their favorite mobile apps, and across all three of our well recognized and trusted brand websites – G.I. Jobs, Military Spouse, and Military Friendly. 

2. What Makes VIQTORY Different From Others Running Targeted Ads?

We will help employers to fill your pipeline with a diverse candidate pool, colleges to find your next student, franchises to find your next franchisee, and brands to discover your next customer directly from the military community.  

VIQTORY began as a publisher with G.I. Jobs Magazine followed by Military Spouse and Military Friendly. Our First-Party Data consists of the community we’ve built through G.I. Jobs and Military Spouse – our email subscribers, social following, website views, career portal and more are the makeup for our highly targeted campaigns that drive the results you are looking for, coupled with over 100 collective years of military experience within the VIQTORY organization.   

On top of our robust military community, VIQTORY is your partner. Our team is your team. We act as your consultants with our team of digital strategy experts to collaborate on the most effective ways we can reach candidates that fit your needs.  Your business objectives are our business objectives.  

3. How Does Programmatic Advertising Work?

Not every agency or marketing company works as we do. At VIQTORY, based on your input, we create a campaign on the platform that will get you results and we make our decisions based on data.  We narrow down the audience to dynamically target the ideal people that you need to connect with to meet your business objective.

Beyond interests and demographics, we can run geo-fenced campaigns. For example, if you are running a campaign where the best candidates are in attendance at a Steelers game, we can target the fans in the stadium just based on their location. 

We know the audience well and understand the importance of ad accuracy.  We ensure each client is positioned in an authentic and genuine manner.  We’ll then choose the platforms for campaign execution and continuously optimize with various tests. 

Programmatic advertising isn’t so spooky after all. The next time you see an ad on Facebook, you’ll know that it’s because of social media you like, websites you visit, and maybe even events you attend. 

The Spooky Way VIQTORY Delivers the Candidates You Are Looking for

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