The Telecom Industry In 2021

In recent years, the Telecommunications Industry has been riddled with stiff competition not only on the consumer side but also in terms of employee recruitment. There are countless companies within the sector, and with historically low unemployment rates, it has been an uphill battle. There’s still an urgent need to stand apart from your competitors, but with the high unemployment numbers brought on by Covid-19, the vision of a nationwide 5G wireless infrastructure, and the need for clear, fast methods of remote communication being higher than ever, it’s time to strike while the iron is hot.

Increased Demand For Workers

With more than a third of the nation’s workforce conducting business from home, there has never been more of a need for fast, reliable internet, clear phone lines, and access to all the various means of communication needed so that everything is business as usual. This Increased pressure means more customer issues, which means more customer complaints, which results in a dramatically increased demand for customer service representatives. Getting people to apply for your open positions isn’t the problem when it comes to recruitment, with the number of Americans currently looking for work, it’s getting qualified candidates quickly enough to meet the demand. When reading any customer service job description, you see the same qualities listed time and time again: strong communication skills, problem-solving skills, ability to master processes and procedures. And when you read the cover letter and resume of most service members, you see them listed again. Now that we know who we’re looking for, next is determining how you find them and how you get them to come to you.

Labor Workers

It’s not only customer service jobs that need to be filled. Someone quite literally needs to lay the groundwork. There are skilled laborers needed to fill construction positions doing everything from running the lines that ensure strong reliable internet connections, to operating the machinery needed to drop electrical poles in the ground. One of the main benefits of targeting veterans for these positions is the fact that you can save time and money in doing so. A large portion of these jobs require job-specific certifications and licensing, and a large portion of transitioning veterans already have these required qualifications to operate that heavy equipment, which will ensure a quick onboarding period. And with the 5G infrastructure, we’ll be seeing here soon, there are, and will be plenty of workers needed in this sector  

Stand Out From the Competition

Standing out from the competition is one of the primary goals of any organization. It’s how companies move to the next level and how they stay there. There are a number of ways in which you can accomplish this. You can focus your recruitment efforts and get your message in front of the specific target audience you’re looking for. By running a Programmatic Ad Campaign you can track your impressions and the overall effectiveness of any given marketing campaign. Another way to keep your talent pipeline full is by making yourself readily available and visible to active job seekers. And since physical gatherings are quite limited at the moment, Virtual Career Expos are the answer to your problems. Access hundreds of resumes and chat one-on-one with hundreds of members from the military community. Unlike most other virtual hiring events, we cap the number of organizations allowed to host a booth at any given event so that the employers in attendance are guaranteed their fair share of facetime with the job candidates.

Although we have a cloudy present looming over us, the future of Telecom looks bright. There is an increased need for workers of all skill levels across various departments needed to meet the increasing demands brought on by so many of us transitioning from the office to working from home. And the good news is, we know how to find them. 

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