The Value Of Press Releases

Press releases are valuable tools when it comes to getting information about your company out to the public. The main purpose of any press release is to promote significant events, product launches, or anything else noteworthy that is going on within your organization. While these written communications are often brief, they are a vehicle for relaying information that should be utilized by companies across all industries regardless of size. 

One benefit of the press release is that if you are providing information that is relevant and that is of interest to readers, people will share and repost your content, essentially making it a piece of marketing material. Not only will you be able to share your content with your current audience by posting on your personal channels, but you can tap into a whole new market when others are sharing it as well. Getting the word out about your organization becomes exponentially easier when you have readers reposting your content across the internet via blogs and various social media outlets. 

Showing that you are a player within your industry is something that every company strives for. A great way to do this is by showcasing your achievements, more specifically, by showcasing new partnerships with companies that come with brand recognition as you start to cultivate those relationships. By showing that companies which have household names are buying into what your company is doing, you are showing even the most uninformed readers that you are rubbing elbows with some real movers and shakers. In turn, this will prove your competence while boosting your own brand awareness. 

While there are paid options when it comes to promoting press releases, the value of the press release isn’t one that can be measured in dollars and cents because there are free options such as social media. The cost-effectiveness of this free marketing tool is what sets it apart from more traditional outlets such as newspapers, TV, and Radio. On top of the fact you are saving money, press releases allow you to get your information out there fast and frequently. If you set up a template to work off of, you can save even more time and get all of your content out in a timely manner. Press releases are quick, easy, cost-effective, and should be utilized by every PR/Marketing team.

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