VIQTORY Announces Navy Mutual Aid Association Partnership

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 30, 2020: VIQTORY is proud to announce a new partnership with Navy Mutual Aid Association (“Navy Mutual”). This partnership will aim to grow Navy Mutual’s reach within the military community through a highly targeted, cross-platform digital advertising and educational campaign with the G.I. Jobs and Military Spouse brands. 

“As an organization established to be there for our service members and their families in their time of need, we appreciate the vital role any spouse or caregiver plays to protect and maintain the home front,” commented Navy Mutual’s Chief Strategy Officer, RDML Brian Luther, USN, Ret. 

“At the end of the day, we all leave behind a legacy, and it is our mission to ensure that military families are equipped with timely and accurate information in order to achieve financial security and make the best decisions for their loved ones. Partnering with VIQTORY helps us reach a critical audience of the military community.”

“Preparing for life after service can be a daunting task, one that many don’t give attention to until after service,” said VIQTORY CEO and Navy Veteran, Chris Hale

“Our partnership with Navy Mutual will assist in changing that.  By promoting Navy Mutual’s message of educating service members, veterans and their family members on financial preparedness, we enable greater civilian success for the military community.”

About VIQTORY: Founded by three Navy veterans in 2001, VIQTORY is the premiere military marketing agency that connects the military community with the companies that want to hire them, the schools that want to educate them and the brands that want to reach them. Using data-driven strategies, smart technologies, and first party data gleaned through our own trusted media brands, VIQTORY is the fusion of both a media company and an ad agency.

About Navy Mutual Aid Association: Navy Mutual Aid Association, a nonprofit founded in 1879, is the country’s oldest federally recognized Veterans Service Organization, and provides life insurance and annuity products to military members and their families. Navy Mutual also assists service members and their survivors in understanding federal benefits to which they are legally entitled, and provides education on matters of financial security which are specifically tailored to the military member and family.

Contact:  David Dobson, 412-269-1663 x150,


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