We Serve – January 2021

Letter from our CEO

After 9/11, you struggled to find a front porch in America without an American flag proudly waving. 9/11 united us, as common foes almost always do.

Since everything today is political, permit me to steal a famous political quote from Lloyd Bentsen to compare 9/11 to the corona.

I served before 9/11. I knew 9/11. 9/11 was no friend of mine. But, coronavirus, you’re no 9/11.

Not only did the coronavirus fail to unite us, we actually figured out ways to let it further divide us!

What a fail.

All I can say is – Thank. God. For. Veterans.

Veterans are the last tribal affiliation that crosses all the lines we have let divide us: racial, political, gender, geographic, religious, socioeconomic status, paper/plastic, meat-eater or vegetarian, favorite color, dogs or cats…wait…what? Wait.

Everybody has a friend or a family member who served. We know them. We love them. We are all thankful for their bravery, for their selfless sacrifice, for keeping us safe…for allowing the rest of America the right to act like spoiled children, fighting over everything. Because they stand the watch.

This inaugural newsletter goes out to all of the wonderful, passionate people in this amazing interwoven fabric of organizations united in support of a common cause to improve the lives of veterans after service. We call the newsletter We Serve. Because We is all of us. Because we did. And because we do.

It’s for the veteran service organizations and military associations supporting veterans and pushing for legislative change.

It’s for the members of Congress, state legislators and their staffs who write the laws affecting veterans.

It’s for DOL-VETS, DOD and other government agencies who shape policy that affects veterans and military spouses.

It’s for the VA who takes care of those who shall have borne the battle.

It’s for the veteran nonprofits who serve our brothers and sisters in arms.

It’s for the people working in the transition assistance programs who prepare veterans to find jobs, schools and entrepreneurship opportunities.

It’s for those working in veteran centers on college campuses who teach us how to go back to school.

It’s for the corporate leaders who create career opportunities for veterans at their companies.

It’s for those who run companies that help veterans transition.

Viqtory salutes you. We’re here to support you. Whether we can help provide data to change laws, provide resources to help in transition assistance or simply to distribute your message of advocacy to a big audience.

Executing our mission to connect the military community to civilian opportunity is only possible because of the work you all do.

You’re an invaluable member of our beloved military community. Let’s unite. Not just for veterans. But because our country needs it. Now and forever.

Yours in service, Chris

Celebrating 20 Years

At Viqtory, we’re celebrating our 20th year of connecting the military community to civilian opportunity.

A Megaphone for Veterans Advocates

In this section of the newsletter, we share the great work our veteran advocates are doing so we can build on that work and create better laws and policies to support veterans in the private sector.

Content, Tools & Training for Transitioning Service Members and Military Spouses

In this section of the newsletter, we share tools, content and resources to help veterans make a successful transition into the private sector.

Celebrating America’s Women Veterans

Women veterans are highly visible while serving in the military. When they get out, not so much. The January issue of G.I. Jobs celebrates these Invisible Veterans – starting with JPMorgan Chase’s Nana Adae, a Naval Academy graduate who’s rising through the ranks of a male-dominated industry.

Creating Civilian Opportunity

In this section of the newsletter, we share proprietary data, insightful anecdotes and best practices from the leading companies and schools about how to recruit, promote and advance veterans as employees, students, and franchisees.

About VIQTORY: For Veterans, By Veterans

Founded in 2001, VIQTORY is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business that connects the military and veteran community to civilian employment, education and entrepreneurship opportunities. VIQTORY’s brands include G.I. Jobs, Military Spouse and Military Friendly®.

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