What You Need To Know – Recruiting Military Spouses

The military spouse demographic is often overlooked, despite being a large and highly skilled group. With almost 600,000 active duty spouses and over 300,000 Guard and Reserve spouses, this is a demographic that should not be ignored. Military spouses bring a unique set of skills and experiences to the table that make them valuable as employees and students.

1) Adaptability and Resilience

Military spouses are well-equipped to handle change and uncertainty, as they are used to dealing with the constant changes that come with military life. They have experience managing logistics and handling stress in fast-paced environments, which makes them ideal candidates for many roles. In addition, military spouses have faced difficult situations and have developed the ability to bounce back quickly, making them incredibly resilient individuals.

2) Leadership and Cross-cultural Competency

Many military spouses have to take on additional responsibilities while their partners are deployed, such as managing finances and raising children on their own. This leadership experience is highly transferable to a civilian job, as well as the cross-cultural competency they gain from living in different parts of the country or world and working with people from diverse backgrounds.

3) Transferable Skills and Strong Work Ethic

Many military spouses have received education and training through various military programs, which can be transferable to a civilian job. This includes skills in healthcare, logistics, and administration, among others. In addition, military spouses have a strong sense of commitment and dedication, as they have supported their military partners through deployments and relocations. This strong work ethic is further demonstrated by their motivation to succeed in their careers, despite the challenges they face.

4) Problem-solving Skills

Finally, military spouses often have to be resourceful and come up with creative solutions to unexpected challenges, making them highly skilled problem-solvers. This is a valuable asset to any company or school, as it can help them find innovative solutions to challenges they may face.

Why Employers and Schools Should Recruit Military Spouses

With a large pool of skilled and talented individuals, military spouses are a valuable demographic that should not be overlooked. They bring adaptability, resilience, leadership, cross-cultural competency, transferable skills, and strong problem-solving skills to the table, making them ideal candidates for a variety of roles. By offering them opportunities and support, companies and schools can tap into a large and untapped pool of talent that can bring value to their organizations.

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