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In 2001, G.I. Jobs was founded by three Navy veterans unified by a common goal, to help connect military veterans with employment, educational, and entrepreneurial opportunities after their service, and for 22 years, G.I. Jobs has been doing just that. Our longstanding publication along with Military Spouse magazine have served as invaluable transition resources for the military community during their transitions to civilian life, providing the necessary tools for professional success.

We’ve seen the world shift faster and faster to a virtual one with so many Americans now working from home, and so many job seekers holding out for remote positions. The solution? Virtual Hiring Events where employers can meet with active job seekers via text/video chat, and get the interview process rolling, all from the comfort of your home office. This is the G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair. 

The G.I. Jobs Virtual Job Fair is your one-stop shop for your veteran and military spouse hiring initiatives where we bring the talent to you. Our events are hosted by Brazen, a robust virtual event platform that allows us to connect candidates with your recruitment representatives with ease, and with the platform, your next great employee is just a click away. So how exactly does it work? 

Well, if you’ve ever attended a job fair in person, it’s not all that different, just more convenient. You will assign a representative(s) from your recruitment team as a booth owner, but instead of sitting behind a table in a convention center with a signup sheet, they will be in the office at a virtual booth with dedicated time to meet with candidates. Who are these candidates? They are military veterans, spouses, and transitioning service members who have expressed interest in new opportunities, have filled out their complete registration profiles, including resumes, and are dressed to impress, eager to meet with you and hear about your opportunities. So instead of a bunch of individuals hovering over your booth in a convention center, vying for your attention and a pen to write their email address on a piece of paper, you know exactly who you are talking to prior to the start of the event.

As an added benefit to you, we provide this registration data to exhibitors prior to the event, allowing you to search the database for individuals who fit your criteria. Explore work history, military and otherwise, education level, and certifications/clearances levels that only come with military employment. You can then reach out to these individuals to drive them to your website, educate them about your open opportunities, and even invite them to come chat at your booth. The best part is that these chats happen in a one-on-one fashion. There is no chatroom format which means there aren’t potentially hundreds of job seekers fighting for your attention and yelling their credentials at you, but instead, you choose who you talk to and when.

Candidates will join the Job Fair event with resumes “in-hand,” ready to answer your questions. When they enter the event they will see your “booth,” along with the other companies participating in the event. Right off the bat, they’ll be able to see your company logo and a brief description of what you are looking for in an employee. They can even see what open positions you are trying to fill, and if they like what they see, they can enter your booth.

When you have a successful chat, Brazen makes the follow-up process as simple as can be. Once a chat ends you will be directed to a “Next Steps,” screen with a dropdown menu where you can move candidates through your pipeline with the click of a button by either scheduling a follow-up, scheduling an interview, or determining that the candidate is not a fit. This intimate platform enables you to more effectively get to know and vet potential employees. Another bonus for employer and school booths is the ability to not only schedule chats ahead of time but also conduct multiple chats simultaneously. Each chat that takes place is scheduled for a default 10-minute window. Representatives however have the ability to extend that window by increments of 1, 3, and 5 minutes to allow extra time to connect with attendees. 

Save your organization both time and money by including virtual events in your recruitment strategies. Not only are we advocates for members of the military community, but VIQTORY / G.I. Jobs provides a holistic marketing approach that allows you and your team to connect effectively with this audience composed of individuals with the experience, training, certifications, and work ethics to keep your organization functioning with maximum efficiency. 

Don’t cast a wide net, but instead, build your own pond. Stop wasting time and effort casting a wider and wider net trying to fill your open acquisitions, but instead, build your own pond of qualified individuals who are ready to work now. Or better yet, let us build it for you. One of the biggest time wasters for any talent acquisition team is the time it takes to find quality candidates who are interested in your open positions. That already tall order has become even more of an ordeal with so many people holding out for remote positions. We are thankful to say that our audience members are actively seeking out their next careers and are ready to get to work. 


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