We Serve – March 2021

Letter from our CEO

In feedback from January’s inaugural We Serve newsletter, I was encouraged to hear so many share a desire to rise above partisan divides and come together in more meaningful ways to serve the military community.  Thank you.

But let’s talk about how others sometimes view our community of those creating civilian opportunity for the military community. Outsiders and critics have long viewed the many disparate organizations performing this noble veteran mission as fragmented. They say things like, “Why can’t the veterans get it together?”,  “Speak with one voice?”,  “Why can’t they consolidate?”, and, unfortunately, at times, “Why are the veteran groups fighting amongst each other?”

First, I submit that the beautiful diversity of organizations serving our veteran community is to be lauded. This rich diversity brings many valuable perspectives on achieving our mission. 

Veteran service organizations are the advocates, pushing for the passage of laws aimed at helping veterans and military spouses thrive in the private sector.

Legislators in the federal, state and county governments pass those laws and policy guidance creating programs.

Presidents, governors and their staffs use their vast influence to create awareness and invoke action from all corners of American society.  

Government agencies like VA, DOD, Labor and state and county level VA agencies carry out the will of our VSOs and elected officials and run the programs that train transitioning veterans on how to pursue a job or an education.

Veteran-owned businesses and other private sector firms create the markets and platforms that enable connections between veteran talent and civilian jobs and education.

Non-profit organizations ensure that our most vulnerable don’t get left behind.  

And, of course, American companies and colleges offer the jobs and the job training.

I challenge you to find a more vast array of resources of bright, passionate and motivated people serving any other group.

The results of the work of you, our veteran leaders, speaks for itself. Look no further than the drastic rise in prominence of corporate and higher education recruiting programs of veterans in the last couple of decades as proof.  

But while we all agree on the pursuit of a vision of economic opportunity for veterans, we sometimes disagree on how or when we get there. And this is where our industry’s critics offer opportunity for us to get better.  

Respectful debates are not just OK, they’re critical. We must all be open to new and different ways to support the veteran community. But our civility in how we treat each other during those debates—our respect for each other—is how we’ll be judged as a group. Respect for one another is ultimately how we’ll silence the critics. And it’s also the best thing for our veteran community. We are so much stronger together.  

Many of you have shared information and news for years with us. Keep it coming, and we’ll continue to do our part in sharing the good work that you do.

Yours in service,


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